The MBTI inventory is one of the most widely used psychological instruments in the world.
The MBTI is an invaluable tool that helps businesses and organizations develop a competitive advantage and fully leverage the talents of their employees. By understanding the strengths and differences of their employees, management teams develop clear action plans and strategies to maximize results. Through the careful application of the MBTI results improvements can be seen in leadership, communication, decision-making and teamwork.

Key To Success is pleased to announce that we introduced the MBTI to our services to drive business growth of our clients and partners.

Originally devised by American psychologists Isabel Briggs and Catherine Myers based on the work of Karl Yung, the MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is an internationally renowned tool that defines individual personality traits and characteristics in terms of motivation, information processing, decision-making and lifestyle preferences.


 Why MBTI?

  • Simply because it works.
  • It assesses a clearly defined sample of human behavior.
  • It plays a useful role in the assessment and development of individuals.
  • It is objective – the results obtained are not influenced by the administrator’s personal characteristics or irrelevant factors such as the color of a test-taker’s socks.
  • It is standardized – the test is administered and scored according to standard procedures, and people’s scores are compared to known standards.
  • It is reliable – the test measures in a consistent way. The potential error is small and is quantifiable.
  • It is valid – the test measures the characteristics which it sets out to measure.
  • It improves individual and interpersonal effectiveness
  • It enhances teamwork and organizational performance
  • It improves staff performance, morale and retention
  • For leadership development, teambuilding and organizational change are just three other contexts where MBTI® is proven to deliver results.
  • Understanding your own and others’ personality can lie at the core of feeling happy and fulfilled in your work. Self-awareness and the motivation to empathize with others can be the trigger for concrete improvement in the quality of working relationships, and in overall performance and productivity.
  • Done in an ethical and credible way, psychometric assessment hits at the heart of who you are, which couldn’t be more relevant to the place where you spend so much of your life – at work.

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