Human resources

From selection to recruitment and all through employment; Human Resourcing is a delicate aspect in any company, mistakes cost more than companies know, at least at the beginning. Workshops and Courses in this array include but are not limited to: 

Off the shelf courses

Signature Workshops

Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling 
Diversity and Inclusion 
Developing New Managers 
Employee Motivation 
Employee Onboarding 
Employee Recognition 
Employee Termination Process 
Health and Wellness at Work 
Human Resource Management
Measuring Results from Training 
Hiring Strategies 
Leadership and Influence 
Office Health and Safety 
Team Building 
Talent Management 


Recruiting and Retaining Talent 
Performance Appraisals from design to execution 
Developing Graduates in to Business Leaders 
Identifying Operational Training Needs 
Training Needs Assessment and Analysis 


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