Health, safety and environment

“No Worker Has to Choose Between His Life and His Job” – OSHA ACT 1970
Our Courses are Industry Job Specific, including but not limited to: 


10 Hour Employee Occupational Safety and Health 
30 Hour Construction Safety and Health Program 
Construction Worksite Safety 
General Industry OSH Courses (50+ Courses)
Construction OSH (30+ Courses)
Occupational Safety and Health in Health Care Settings 
Implementation of Safety Management Systems 
Hazard Identification and Control 
Risk Assessments 
Safety and Supervision Leadership 
Accident Investigation 
Maintenance Programs 
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) 
Emergency Action Plans 
Fire Prevention Plans 
Working at Heights and Rescue Plans 
Energy Control Program LOTO 
Safety Committees 
Safety and Health at the Workplace
School Safety – Athletics Supervision
School Safety – Crisis Planning