customer servicing

Excellent performance in customer service is largely reliant on individual’s behavior and proper application of the competencies that make this possible.

Our customer servicing workshops and courses are not only designed based on industries and job positions but their foundation is the competencies that form excellence in performance when performing customer service related jobs and tasks, including: Working with others, Communicating Effectively, Meeting Customers’ needs, Demonstrating Technical Ability, Achieving Results, Maintaining Safety and Well-Being, Demonstrating Professionalism.

The below list includes but is not limited to the off the shelf courses and signature workshops we provide.
Both may be tailored to specific pain points and areas in need of development.
Off the shelf courses cover the subject at hand completely and are basic, intermediate and some are advanced levels.

Signature workshops revolve around a specific skill set and are based on competencies’ frameworks.
Customized workshops and courses are tailored by our technical committee and experts in each field.

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Business Etiquette and Professionalism 
Creative Problem Solving 
Emotional Intelligence 
Handling Difficult Customers 
Customer Service (Levels) 
Customer Support 
Unconscious Bias 
Being a NICE Person 

Signature Workshops 

Viewing Difficult Customers as Potential Opportunities
The Customer Focused Cashier
The Hospitable Receptionist
Banker Essentials
The Kind Nurse
The Reliable Valet Parker
Delivery of Satisfaction
The Hospitable Helper
The Effective Security Guard
The Perfect Operator
The Trustworthy Retail Clerk

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