360 Degree Feedback

WHat is 360 Degree feedback

360 Degree Feedback is done for the employees of companies to collect feedback from others including self to compare results, spot blind spots, understand the current situation in order to set action plans to develop areas of development and improve.

why 360 degree feedback

  • Objective
  • Developmental Tool
  • Discover Blind Spots
  • Discover Strengths and Areas of Development
  • See how clients perceive you versus how you see yourself
  • Using one’s strengths to coach and develop others.
  • Working on areas of development and including them in the performance appraisal system

why 360 degree feedback with key To success

  • The 360 assessment is anonymous and confidential
  • Web Based Tool
  • Key To Success is a 3rd party
  • Friendly user
  • Candidates access it from their laptops or mobiles 
  • Simple
  • Customized and not Generic
  • Full support during the entire process
  • We implement the entire process: Awareness, Implementation, Coaching
  • After they get the results they can implement the training needs with us

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